Reduce your organization’s inefficiencies and risk with one or many of our mission critical solutions, including resiliency / continuity planning, crisis / media…

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Our Process

We take a holistic approach to your organization’s unique needs, completing a mission critical analysis, mapping out complex challenges, and offering products and services…

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Our proprietary situational awareness and operations management tool, Optima, allows collection of real-time or near-real-time data from multiple sources, so your leaders…

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PHAROS Mission Critical Solutions puts out the fire before there’s even a spark. Learn more about how we help your enterprise succeed with a complimentary consultation.

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About PHAROS Mission Critical Solutions


Who We Are

PHAROS Mission Critical Solutions contains a network of functional, government, and commercial business sector experts who work collaboratively with you and your enterprise to achieve success. Our team is comprised of experienced practitioners, as well as academic, research, and analytic experts. All of our client engagement representatives have over 25 years of experience and expertise in their fields and disciplines.

Functional Specialties

Mission Critical Analyses; Operations Centers – Design & Build; Knowledge Management & Decision-Support Technologies; Business Continuity / Resiliency Planning; Crisis / Emergency Management Planning; Crisis Media Management; Training & Drills; Investigations & Expert Witness Support

Sector Experts In

Aviation, Construction, Cyberspace, Defense, Education, Energy, Environmental, Family Business Unique Issues, Finance, Ground-based Logistics, Hospitality, Legal, Manufacturing, Maritime, Medical, Municipal Emergency Management, Public Safety, Public Utilities, Security, Small Business Applications, Transportation

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"This makes too much sense; why didn’t we do this a long time ago?" - Director, Environmental Compliance
"I’ve been at this for over 30 years and amazed at what I’m continuing to learn from this capability." - SVP, International Operations
"In one development sprint, the first prototype was in the operator’s hands within 36 hours from first identification of the need! In less than two months, we had a world-class tool!" - VP, Operations
"Your network and support is outstanding. Really helps us on a number of initiatives." - Executive Director, Non-profit Organization
"I didn’t know we could connect the data this way…." - Director, Engineering
"Thanks for this. Very helpful to have another set of eyes doing a sanity check. Good comments. We have made all of your recommended changes." - Senior Legal Counsel
"The awareness this is creating is awesome!" - Chief Operating Officer
"Brilliant - simple elegance!" - Founder and CEO


  • Expertise created winning proposal for new business venture
  • In first 6 months, missed operational commitments were reduced by 75% saving $5M+ in half the fiscal year
  • Structured review of incident and supporting reports ensured success in potentially expensive litigation
  • In first week of operations, new process saved $500K in cost avoidance of potential operational changes
  • Situational awareness raised for all involved; senior executive decision time engagement on significant issues saw an average of 80% savings
  • Agile development delivered product faster, and cheaper, than traditional contract proposal
  • Process cut our development time in half and saved nearly 75% of competing offer
  • First two mission-critical analyses recommendations placed into immediate development; all recommendations accepted and built into strategic plan